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Genoa Tango Marathon 8 - 19 - 20 July

When the “Devils” go dancing in ...

Here are we, for the 11-th edition of the Genoa Tango Marathon! After the last three editions, on which we were “Saints”, this year we’ll be Diabolics!
We are preparing for you:
Three infernal days of Tango, good food, fun, and diabolical embraces on the beautiful Sant’Ilario hill. Together with cocktail-dinners, asado, open air afternoon and evening milongas, and the beautiful wooden parquet of the Milonga Brava for the night.
10 Tj will be performing and a "Diabolik couple":

- Melenita
- Theo el Greco
- Makiko Mori
- Sergio Chiaverini
- Giò il Fuz
- PMP (Paolo - Marco - Pino)
- GG (Paolo C.)
together with a highly diabolical couple!
www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEEg2M5k8rE milonga

www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4TgZNzTQ7k tango

The number of participants is limited to 180.
Therefore, hurry up and reserve it .. ;-))

Milonga Brava - SOMS Società Operaia di Mutuo Soccorso di Sant’Ilario
Via Sant’Ilario 108, Genova
This is our location since 2003! It will be possible to dance open air (afternoon - 22:30). There will be 80 sq.m. dance floor in the shadow and another 100 sq.m. on wooden floor.
Starting at 22:30 until sunrise we will be dancing inside on the beautiful wooden floor, treated for the occasion with appropriate vax. The ballroom has 14 windows, 8 of which are facing the ligurian sea and will stay open for the whole time, as well as a beautiful balcony to enjoy the changing colours of the sunset and the sunrise on the Ligurian gulf from a breathtaking vantage point.
Fans will be placed in the room to avoid unease temperatures.
Concerning drinks and food, trust us: just don’t worry! ;-))

At about 2 km from the location of the milonga, on the Nervi promenade, the Ristorante e Pizzeria, “La Cambusa del Coccio” will offer to the participants special prices for both baths and lunch foods.

A four-stars hotel at about 4 min driving from the Milonga Brava, with excellent rooms and breakfast, offering reduced fees to the participants of the event:
70,00 EUR/night Single room
80,00 EUR/night Double room
110,00 EUR/night Triple room
(plus City Tax: 2,00 EUR per person/day)
Also available:
Superior rooms (+15,00 EUR/night)
Junior Suite (+ 50,00 EUR/night)
(Payment directly at the Hotel)

Open air milonga = EXT
Inside milonga = MB

FRIDAY, July 18-th
18:00 Check-in
18:30 Milonga, TJ PMP, EXT
19:30 Welcome cocktail, EXT
20:00 – 22:00 Cocktail-dinner and milonga, EXT
22:30 Evening milonga , TJ MAKI, MB
In the course of the evening we’ll offer you appetizers, fruits as well as the local speciality, the Genovese Focaccia.
2:00 Night Milonga, TJ SERGIO, MB
6:00 End of day 1

SATURDAY, July 19-th
Morning: either sleep or enjoy the seaside
13,00 Bagni Medusa for lunch and/or baths
Afternoon: Baths
18:00- 22:30 Afternoon Milonga Brava,TJ GG PAOLO C, EXT
19:30 Cocktail-dinner, EXT
20:30 Stage: “The devilish use of rhythm in Tango” with Gianpiero y Maria (MB)
22:30 Night milonga, TJ THEO EL GRECO, MB
2:30 A devilish performance: Gianpiero Ya Galdi y Maria Filali
During the evening appetizers, focaccia, cold cuts and ice creams will be available
2:45 Night milonga, TJ MELENITA, MB
7,30 Group picture.

Morning: sleep!
13:00 Bagni Medusa for lunch at the Cambusa del Coccio and/or baths.
18:00 – 22:30 Afternoon milonga, TJ GIO’ IL FUX / Brava Resident TJ, EXT
18:30 Cocktail and asado preparation
18:30 – 20:00 Stage “Devilish legs moves (ganchos, boleos, sacadas) (MB)
20:30 Asado and milonga (EXT)
22:00 – 2:30 Night MilongaTJ GIO’ IL FUX, MB

THE MARATHON HAS A CLOSED NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS (max 180 persons, in order not to have on average more than 140 dancers on the dance floor at the same time).
Covering the entrance to the 3 afternoon milongas and the 3 night milongas
and including:
2 Cocktail-dinners + Asado
6 Cocktails/drinks, in association with the 3 cocktail-dinners and the 3 night milongas.

2 Tango class: 13.32 EUR (i.e., 6.66 EUR each Lesson !!!)

For further information and booking:

Diabolikamente ...